We are interested in looking after the assets and all other needs of our clients in an optimal, holistic and future-oriented manner. With them, we share a long-standing, professional, and trusting relationship that is geared toward growth and success. For us, the values of expertise, continuity, and clarity remain at the heart of everything we do.


Agusta is a team of experts, comprising everyone from lawyers to travel agents. With our pool of expertise, we ensure that our clients benefit from our knowledge across the entire spectrum of services. Should our clients require it, we are happy to work with external experts from our established network.


We have been a long-term partner for our clients – across generations, in fact. We see reliability, loyalty, and discretion as the cornerstones of cooperation. We are available to our clients around the clock and, depending on their needs, are on hand as consultants, sparring partners, or coordinators.


We tell it like it is: clear and simple. We act as translators from various disciplines, summarize the essential details, and ensure transparency and clarity. We never jump on bandwagons. We are independent, and our advice is based on facts and experience.